2 super easy formats to use in your social media images

Having balanced social media images where everything lines up and sits nicely in its own space is key to having a professional looking image.

Its one of the most overlooked parts of designing your own images and can be the difference between an image looking professional and looking like it was quickly knocked up with minimum care and attention.

A balanced image helps make your content look professional which helps get more attention

I have posted this before but I keep seeing people make a right cock-up of this very simple idea to keep your social media images balanced.

A balanced image gets read, one that is all over the place will subconsciously flick past as it is too hard to read.

I use these 2 formats daily, they are super easy to set up and more importantly repeatable at scale.

So here we go



  1. Headline at the top centered
  2. Image in the middle, centred
  3. web/social deets at the bottom, centered


  1. Headline to the right
  2. Image to the left
  3. Web/social deets at the bottom below the headine

Thats it, as always simplicity is your friend and the more complicated you make this – the harder it will be to sit down and design.

I very rarely stray from this formula as it works and has worked consistently for years.

Plus it means I have less choice, meaning less thinking and more fucking action…….

These 2 formats are battle tested and work for me and my clients on a daily basis……..

The main reason I use one of these 2 structures is that it stops me thinking and having to make too many creative decisions in the one go.

Questions like, where do I put the headline, should I have a web address on this, how the fuck should this look?

These are all questions that, when you are staring at an empty screen will cause you to think and if not answered immediatley are likely to cause you to procrastinate.

Do this enough and you will tell yourself that you are crap at designing social graphics and you will resort to stealing other peoples graphics

Instead of making your own unique graphics.

Try this and help free up your thinking time for the important stuff in your business