2 ways I use memes in my business

2 ways I use memes in my business

The more I talk to people the more they ask how to use memes in their business.

The biggest worry or fear is that people have nothing funny to say and no decent images to put to it.

Let’s reframe what a meme is for a sec.

I think (rightly or wrongly), that a meme is a piece of text with a pic behind it.

Does it have to be funny, no.

Does it have to be uber meaningful and life changing, no.

All a meme does is allow you to present a small piece of text in a way that stops people flicking past it on your social media and allows them to get a quick insight into your world.

There are 2 ways to do this

1. Go through your content get the best parts and put it in a meme

ie repurpose your best stuff

This is my favourite way to create new content. 

I find a short phrase in an old social media post (max 20 words). 

I am looking for a phrase that I can create content around - and everyone has tonnes of these in their old social media posts.

I then create an image and use this phrase as the text for the image.

I then go onto my favourite stock websites and find an image that works with the phrase.

All you have to do then is come up with some text for the post, which is generally pretty easy as it based on something you have written about before.

Do this daily, it's super easy.

2. Use them as post headers to stop people and signal to them that there is something worthy of reading.

When I write fresh new content, I have to find an image to go with it for the post.

Before I have written the content I brainstorm headline ideas.

I want to create a headline for the post that is super snappy and hits a pain point for my audience.

I want to show them that this post solves a problem that they are facing.

Then I write the content - only after I have the headline.

Then I create the image.

Try it, use Canva or one of the other free design apps.

Who gives a fuck if it looks “bad”, get some text put a pic behind it.

The pic can be

- Relevant to the text
- Funny
- Outrageous and used as a pattern interrupt
- Something you like (if you like it other people will too)

It’s not that hard and most people over think themselves into inactivity when they start to do this.

In both examples above we are using our memes to peacock and show off to our audience that we have something worthy of them stopping and reading.

Make one get it on social media and see what happens.