Struggling for ideas on what image would be right for your post?

Struggling to get creatively moving happen to me all the time (especially for my own stuff) and is very frustrating.

And if you don’t have a system for overcoming this you can very quickly get stuck in the default mode of struggling for ideas.

And you don’t want to be there.

I have a very simple 3 step process I do to help combat this as quickly and drama free as possible.

This works especially well if you are struggling with tight deadlines which can cause the brain to go into full out freak out/survival mode and panic.

Struggling Solution Step 1

Do a google image search on what you are looking to do.

Do a specific search term for the image you are struggling with

If you were doing a weight loss image, the the search term could be ,  “weight loss graphic” like the image below

This gives you ideas that are super relevant to what you are doing.

One word of warning here, it is a fine line between using someones graphic as inspiration and out right ripping off their graphic

So tread carefully.

It doesn’t have to be a google search, the Instagram explore page is a goldmine of ideas (especially if you are doing infographics)

You can also do searches on hashtags to help your results be much more inline with what you are needing

For a weight loss graphic I would search for #weightloss

All we are trying to do is seed our brain with information that we can use in the next 2 steps to help us get moving and get creating.

So don’t stress out with trying to get too creative here

Struggling Solution Step 2

Step 2 seems pretty strange but it is the key to getting your brain moving.

You want to get up off the computer and find something else to do.

Something menial and tedious.

We want to occupy the conscious part of the brain that is blocking us and allow our subconcious to get creative here.

Personally for me I take my dog for a 15-30 minute walk and listen to music or a podcast.

Do something that totally takes your mind off it, like cut your grass, do some housework, go for a run.

The important bit here is to give that subconcious part of your brain time and space to get ideas moving.

Sounds like it won’t work?

The last place you want to be is infront of your PC stressing – you need to get away and find something else to do and focus on.

15-30 mins is all it will realistically take.

Note that if I have to I can sit down in that time and FORCE myself to come up with an image.

But, in most cases, the work I do like that is shit and will need to get redone.

Now we have got that done we move onto the next step

Struggling Solution Step 3

Sit down and create.

Now some of the time I will be able to sit down and the ideas will flow from me.

Most of the time though, my brain is still freaking out a little about the thoughts from 30 mins ago when I couldn’t come up with any viable ideas.

So we need to trick it to give it a kick start.

So at this point I sit down and try to design the WORST image I possibly can.

Thats easy right?

I just splurge some crap into the design and wait.

At this point my brain is now starting to think creatively instead of being all analytical.

By kickstarting this process by designing a rubbish image I find that I get viable ideas at will after 5 or 10 mins.

This really helps me find that place of flow where things come easy.


Sometimes I will skip Step 1 and Step 2 and move straight to Step 3 and start designing rubbish images.

That can be the one thing that gets me moving.

Try it, you will be surprised at how well this works.