5 ways to make more engaging social media graphics

Having engaging social media graphics that stand out amongst your peers and competitors is an easy way to get your content read and get more engagement on your socials.

Here are 5 ways you can do that, quickly and easily without too much thought….


Capital letters are easier to read at a quick glance.

Your audience didn’t pick up their mobile simply to find your content.

They most likely picked it up because they were fucking (EDIT added this swear word because of point 5) bored and its now become a habit to flick when you are waiting on coffee, in a queue, on the toilet etc

So if you can make it easier for them to read your headline, so they can then judge whether they need to read your post, that would help your visibility loads.


Lets take further look at the person above who is on their phone and bored.

The last thing they want to do is expend unnecessary brain cells trying to decipher what you have wrote. And they won’t.

Anything that requires extra thought or concentration will get binned.

So if they can’t read your headlines quickly and easily they will defo flick past you and move onto something less taxing.

Always try to use big, fat, chunky fonts (in capitals) so that they are easy to read at a glance.

Which brings us nicely too


Everything I do for my graphics is based around a headline. I don’t write a post or make an image without having an interesting headline to start with.

The headline is what they will first see on my graphics and it’s what I use to draw people in and read my post.

If I have a boring, drab headline then I most likely will have a boring lacklustre image and a shit content to go with it.

I have a good system now for creating headlines, especially when I struggle – this aint the post for it, if you want to know it then let me know below 😉


Now we have a snappy, interesting headline – one that can be read easily – whats the easiest way to get that read on a graphic?

Use 2 colours, that contrast. This is nice and simple.

Black background
Yellow stripe
Black text in the yellow stripe

Whatever text you put into the yellow stripe will stand out.

Subconsciously when someone views the graphic, thats one of the things that gets viewed first.

Thats why I want it to be in capitals, in a fat easy read font, using a headline that is snappy and not asking me to poke myself in they eyes to relive my boredom

Have a look at the image for this post…… it ahs the black text in the yellow stripe and it pops!! (it was originally posted to facebook)

Make sense so far???

It almost, almost looks like I know what I am talking about here 😀


Want to struggle to stand out?

Look the fucking – this cant be the first swear word in this post.

(EDIT I added a fucking into 1 just to balance things up a bit)

As I was saying , if you look the fucking same as your competitors, you aint gona stand out in the eyes of your audience.

Have a look at your competitors and see if they are all posting the same kind of post, or the same kind of graphic and……………don’t do it.

Post something different, it’s easy to stand out if your are different.

Ie, if your competitors are infographic crazy (fitpros?) then possibly don’t post a whole load of infographics with loads of text and pictures.

In this case I would be going for text only posts with large fonts and a small headline so it looks the opposite of the infographic style post.

And yes, I appreciate the irony of talking about infographic type posts when I am writing an infographic type post.

And have created an infographic to go with it.

Anyway, hope that was useful.

I tried to make that as informative as it was entertaining and I hope I have managed that – but if I haven’t then social media half life (go on ask me!!) will take care of it for me.

Go out and create more engaging social media media graphics.