Are you copying the Social Media Guru’s??


On Social media today there are thousands, millions of people who do exactly the same as each other.

The same type of graphics and the same boring themes.

Why it does this happen.

The main reason that would happen is because instead of testing to see what works people look to the guru’s, the successful people.

People with all the cash.

And they copy them.

They’ll copy the style of graphics.

They will copy the the text they use.

They will copy exactly.

100% the images, the text, the call to action.


Basically ripping off peoples work and passing it off as their own

So it’s become a problem of standing out.

If you can’t stand up and be seen as different to your competitors.

Then you will be seen as the same as your competitors.

And this is a problem

Because you get tarred with the bullshit that your industry carries.

So if you look at it and you’re a fitness professional people will look at you as being meathead

Instead of you portraying yourself as an expert in your field that can help someone with their problem.

Someone who’s spent years and years learning about nutrition learning about training techniques

You’ll be lumped in asjust a brainless meat head

Steroids etc etc, etc.

You don’t want that to happen

You really want to be seen as unique, you want to set yourself apart from everyone else on social media

You want to be seen as different

Different is scary and definitely an uncomfortable place to be.

But it’s the easiest way to stand out against all the other nuggets on social media, who are trying desperately to market themselves by copying the leaders in the industry.

Most of the time, the leaders in the industry got to be leaders, because they are not afraid to be different.

They’re not afraid to show the personality of who they are.

They takes risks and chances so they do stand out against the noise of social media.

So it’s pretty easy concept.

Look at what your competitors are doing.

Look at your industry.

And be different.