Are you making this mistake to get attention on social media?

Social media is awash with people selling their skills and knowledge.

People have little idea of how to market themselves so look at the big players in the industry.

They duplicate everything they do.

The market is saturated with everyone looking the same.

If you are doing this how are you standing out against your competitors??

People use social media as a tool to escape boredom.

They are on it when they have nothing else to do – when they are waiting for friends, a bus, a coffee in restaurant and when they are bored at work etc

When people surf like this they zone out and and they turn into 2 brain cell zombies!

This is the point where we use a well designed image to grab their attention and take them out of zombie mode.

You have 0.5 seconds to get someone’s attention before they flick past your post.

That’s how long it takes for their unconscious brain to decide to read or ignore

And if it looks the same as all the other bollocks on social media, they are gona just ignore it and flick past it.

Think about that when you are pushing out a watered down version of someone else’s idea?????

Will this stand out and help me get attention?????

Be different, be consistent and be you on social media and you will get the results you need.