Attention is the new currency. I’ll show you how to generate it

	Attention is the new currency. I'll show you how to generate it

30 years ago if you wanted to create a business you had to have some sort of product (still do :D) and then you had to find customers.

Which meant in the main, you spent money on advertising, mailshots & telesales etc etc

It was not cheap to do and you generally had to hire expensive people who had the experience to do that work for you to get customers.

Which meant that the marketplace was a lot less crowded BUT a lot more expensive to get involved.

Today, Social Media has made it possible for ANYONE to make money online.

You have an instant audience available for the most part, for free.

Because you can do it for free, everyone is……..

Think about that for a second

Anyone can dream up a product and spend time (not money) relentlessly posting about their life-changing product all over social media.

We don’t even need a business bank account/merchant account to take money, PayPal does that for you

The barriers to entry today are practically ZERO……

Which means that we have to fight for attention on social media, because there are so many people using it to sell their wares it’s really hard to stand out.

You NEED to stand out on social media to get peoples attention.

This is what I teach over in The Design Academy.

How to stand out among all the other people marketing on social media

We use images to help us stand out, I call them thumbstoppers, you may have heard them called pattern interrupts.

The name means nothing, we use images to stop people long enough on social media so they can read and engage with our posts.

Thats where the money is (and its free to do!!), getting people reading and engaging with your social media posts.

Put it this way, you have a great product that makes a difference to peoples lives and you chuck it up on facebook with great copy and a decidedly average and boring image.

You sit back and wait………….


You failed to capture peoples attention and they flicked on past a product that would have made a difference to their lives.

To help you nail this quickly, the
Design Academy is now available at a monthly price of just £29.99

There are complete Canva courses on

  • How to use Canva to design Social Media Graphics
  • How to use Canva to design Lead Magnets/Ebooks
  • How to use Canva to Design Instagram Carousels
  • How to take your Branding from your website so you can easily use this in your graphics
  • How to write engaging content that your readers need and are looking for

There are Canva Templates for

  • Social Media Graphics
  • Infographics
  • Insta/Facebook Stories
  • Sales Posts
  • Testimonials
  • Complete Lead Magnets/Ebooks
  • Lead Magnet/Ebook Covers
  • PDF's
  • Posters/Flyers
  • Business & Loyalty Card

And a whole lot more

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