Be different and stand out


To have a business meant you had to have some type of physical product.

Generally, this cost a bit of cash to put together, plus a whole lot of expertise to get up and running.

You had to have a business premise (office/showroom) - you didn’t work from home as much back then.

There were no internet payment processors so you had to have a merchant account to take cards and a proper business account from the bank to pay bills and make payments etc, these were generally a pain in the arse to set up and apply for.

The internet was in its infancy and there were no social media channels to sell your products on so you had to advertise in the newspapers, leaflet drop or make telesales calls.

All of these cost money and to get right you had to employ skilled people to make it happen - printers, delivery people and skilled salespeople.

The other thing was you generally had to deal with customers face to face, on the phone, at the very least write a fucking letter.

No video calls, no email, no pm’s or any of the digital methods we rely on now to communicate.

To be in business and be successful 25 years ago the overheads were a lot more than we have today.

The tech just wasn’t there so it was a lot harder to get started.

This meant the marketplace was less crowded but harder to break into.

People still wanted to work for themselves but just didn't have the skills or tech to be able to compete….

Fast forward to today.

To be in business you just have to have a marketable skill.

- No physical product needed - sell your skills or information on how to get those skills
- No office or business premises are required, work from your bedroom
- paypal is a really easy to get payment processor, you don’t even need a business account just set up using an email and your address details…….no paperwork is required
- no expensive advertising, telesales or leaflet drops are required, post like fuck on social media and you can get straight to your customers, for free.

The barriers to entry are low and accessible to everyone.

And because its accessible to everyone, everyone is doing it!

Social media is awash with people selling their skills and selling the knowledge to get their skills.

Especially now as we are seeing offline businesses step up their online game.

With social media being free to play on it means EVERYONE is posting socially to try and create business.

What happens here is people have little idea of how to market themselves so look at the big players in the industry - the successful people with all the money.

They duplicate everything they do, especially the free stuff.

Similar copy and similar images…..

The market is saturated with everyone looking the same.

Now it’s a problem of standing out.

On social media now people are bombarded with information that is a watered down duplicate of all the other information that was successful.

Your customers use social media as a tool to escape boredom.

They are on it when they have nothing else to do - when they are waiting for friends, a bus, a coffee in restaurant and when they are bored at work etc etc etc

People turn unconscious when using social media to pass the time, they turn into zombies!

You have 0.5 seconds to get someone’s attention before they flick past your post.

That’s how long it takes for their unconscious brain to decide to read or ignore

And if it looks the same as all the other bollocks onb social media, they are gona just ignore it and flick past it until they find something that captures their attention.

Think about that when you are pushing out a carbon copy of someone else's idea?????

Will this stand out and help me get attention?????

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