Be Lazy Design Hack

This design hack will shave loads of time off your designing.

Time you don’t need to be spending doing it, meaning you can focus more time on your business.

Posting your content on multiple social media channels can be a time suck.

Especially, if you are having to redesign your image for the many different sizes that some design programmes recommend for social media.

This stops people from posting on multiple channels.

Or they post shite images as it is quicker and easier to design like this.

There is a way around this as many of the social media platforms share common sizes.

This means you can design your images quicker and with less hassle.

Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter will all take an image 1200 x 628 px.

Facebook and Instagram will take an image 1200 x 1200 px.

This is important as you should only be designing 2 image sizes to cover the 4 main social channels, instead of 4………

(At the moment the 1200 x 1200px post looks great on linkedin too – so You only need 1 size but this may change  – always test this)

Bear this design hack in mind as it will save you time and extra hassle.

Meaning you can get on with running your business without having to put extra time into designing.

This means that as you are posting more, you will get seen more which means you will bank more…….