How to go from
an empty canva screen to amazing black friday graphics
in just 5 minutes

Stand out on Social Media and make more sales this Black Friday

Everyone seems to be running a Black Friday Sale with super polished graphics.

But that’s not you……….yet!!

You’re unsure of what to do and you are struggling to get a design together that will help stop people scrolling past your offer on social media.

Not only that, there are 1000’s of offers out there – meaning it’s got even harder to stand out.

You could just put out the same graphic as you did last year – but deep down, you know its not good enough for the amazing offer you have put together……

The cost of living, inflation and all the other crap that has hit us over the last few years mean you don’t want to fork out cash for a designer……

Here is your solution.

I have put together a pack of 8 Black Friday templates so you can bling up your black friday offer.

Not only that, there are 3 different sizes

You can use them on your social media feed, Insta and Facebook Stories and on your Facebook Page and group banners. 

Here’s how to make better graphics in less than 5 minutes 


1. Pop your details in the order form below
2. Rebrand the templates for your business 

3. Post all ovr social media – bask in your new found awesomeness and make some xmas dosh

Save yourself the time and hassle – and have a proper nice Black Friday graphic this year.

Get all these templates for just £9.95.

Or keep struggling on watching everyone else create amazing graphics that really sell their Black Friday offer

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