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Canva Infographic Templates

Well designed and easy to use Canva Infographic Templates should take all the hassle and time away from your designs

If you have spent time designing Infographics using Canva you will have been looking at your competitors, other businesses and your friends social media graphics and wondering,

"How are they able to design graphics like that?"

Or you have wasted countless hours on youtube and free websites trying to figure out how to get your graphics looking awesome.

Stop stressing and start creating awesome Infographics using Canva that will have your friends and competitors wondering how you created them

Here is what you get

- 7 seperate pre designed Canva Infographic templates - no design work needed - I have done all the work for you, you lucky people.

All of the Canva Infographic templates are completely editable, all you have to do is cut and paste in your own text. Everyone loves quick and easy, lazy designing

- You can change the fonts and colours and graphics to suit your brand - meaning although you are using templates you can make them UNIQUE to you and your brand.

- 2 separate sizes for each Canva Infographic (so technically 14 infographics!!) these can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

- A video showing you how to use each Canva Infographic - you didn’t think I was gonna just leave you and not show you how to use and abuse each and every part of the infographics did you??

- A video showing you where I got the graphics that I use in these Canva Infographics. More importantly, these are free and good for commercial use - meaning you don’t have to steal graphics from google and worry about getting sued!

- Use these templates repeatedly, just change the text and images and you are infographic'd to the max for ever

You get 7 square CANVA Infographic templates

Square Canva Infographic Template 1
Square Canva Infographic Template 2
Square Canva Infographic Template 3
Square Canva Infographic Template 4
Square Canva Infographic Template 5
Square Canva Infographic Template 6
Square Canva Infographic Template 7

You get 7 landscape canva Infographic templates

Landscape Canva Infographic Template 1
Landscape Canva Infographic Template 2
Landscape Canva Infographic Template 3
Landscape Canva Infographic Template 4
Landscape Canva Infographic Template 5
Landscape Canva Infographic Template 6
Landscape Canva Infographic Template 7



Social media presence is so important now!! But having images that stop people in their tracks is even more important.

The template pack works for me not just because the images are hard hitting and noticeable, its the time it saves me on having to build it myself!!

Now it takes me under a minute to change a few things and recycle the template for a new idea!

Adam D


The video instructions are easy to follow for beginners so even if you don't have design experience, as long as you can follow Chris's instructions and know how to drag and drop, then you're pretty much ahead of the game.

 The templates are easy to customise and the videos to find other cool graphics was simple to follow also so you won't have to worry about running out of images to keep using the templates

The price is also a bargain for the level of teaching and instructions that you get with it.

Jono P


Just wanted to say Chris, that your template pack is an absolute no-brainer.

Works a charm and is easy to customise.

Saved me a ton of time (and dare I say it, money).

I had lots of people comment on how eye-catching the graphics were. 

Seriously folks, if you're on social media, you should be on this.

Trish M

what happens once I order the CANVA INFOGRAPHIC TEMPLATE pack? 

How do I get the templates and training to make them work?

Once you have ordered I will email over a link to login and get your templates and the instructional videos.

Its super easy, check out the screenshots below


I do offer a full 100% guarantee in the unlikely event you are not satisfied with these templates.

Just message me and I will refund your order - no questions asked.

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