Canva Templates for Entrepreneurs Mega Pack

You get 180 viral and unique Social Media graphics in 4 different sizes that you can customise with your brand fonts and colors in Canva quickly and easily with zero stress.

Easily and professionally create amazing graphics – stop spending hours making graphics that do you and your business no justice.  Spend less time creating, get more engagment and make more money.  Use this extra time to help grow your business or spend time with your family


Customize, download and post them with ease  edit the templates in Canva and use your own colours, fonts and logo’s.  Very easy to do, you can easily make these templates unique to you and your business. 


Share polished, unique and thumbstopping graphics – no more slaving for hours to create.  No more selfies of you or stolen images from google or memes from other peoples profiles.  You can now share original and unique images that connect, convert, and help sell your products or services.

All of the templates are emailed to you and open direct in your Canva account ready for you to create.

The templates can be used on Facebook (inc page and group banners), Facebook Stories, Instagram, Instagram Stories & Linkedin.

No, you can use the templates on the free version of Canva.

We email the Canva templates directly to you.  Once you have them in your email, simply click the size you want and all 15 open in 1 canva document for you.



The templates are fully customisable and you can easily customise them to your brand.


This helps the templates be unique to YOU and YOUR business

The templates are emailed directly to you so are not refundable.

We do care about our customer experience and are available via email to sort any problems you may be experiencing.


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Have me brand these templates to your business

Do you need your templates branded with your own colours logo's and fonts? It's would be much easier to use them like this. Have me brand these templates for you for just £75 saving you even more time, and hassle.

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