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Why do I need to use templates for design?

Templates are essential if you plan to use graphics in your social media.

It is the one thing that if you implement will make your life easier and much more productive.

There is nothing worse than looking at a blank screen and wondering how to fill it.

When that happens on the days that you are feeling stressed, tired you will just not do it.

So I like templates, they give you a jump start as they are half done graphics.

Let's be honest here, you got enough to do without spending any more time using Canva than you need to.

They are complete graphics, all the hard work has been done.

Meaning you can smash out your own graphics quickly without any stress.

And you can do so with confidence knowing that they look great.


You get over 20 Canva based templates that cover you for

Social Media Branding, 

Social Media posts,


Lead Magnets

(Yes you can make Lead Magnets easily in Canva) 

and Insta Stories.

This is the complete pack to ensure you have awesome graphics ready for your social media quickly and easily.

You are getting £150+ worth of proven templates for just £75 - plus all the videos needed to get you started and creating with them.

And don't get me started with the bonus that includes a whopping 180 Canva Templates

Check out what you get below.

The Infographic Template Pack - Value £9.95

✅ 7 seperate pre designed Canva Infographic templates - no design work needed - I have done all the work for you, you lucky people.

✅ All completely editable, all you have to do is cut and paste in your own text. Everyone loves quick and easy, lazy designing

✅ You can change the fonts and colours and graphics to suit your brand - meaning although you are using templates you can make them UNIQUE to you and your brand.

✅ 2 separate sizes for each infographic (so technically 14 infographics!!)  

✅ A video showing you how to use each infographic - you didn’t think I was gonna just leave you and not show you how to use and abuse each and every part of the infographics did you??

✅ A video showing you where I got the graphics that I use in these infographics. More importantly, these are free and good for commercial use - meaning you don’t have to steal graphics from google and worry about getting sued

✅Use these templates repeatedly, just change the text and images and you are infographic'd to the max for ever

The sOCIAL MEDIA BRANDING Pack - Value - £37

If you are anything like me, you are always forgetting what font you should be using, what colour goes on what graphic and even what website and social media details you should be using.

You waste more time looking thru your old designs trying to figure out what you did last week/month than you do designing your graphics.  

Or even worse you don't bother and all your designs look completely different and confuse your customers.  It's even harder if you are juggling multiple clients as well as designing your own graphics too.

The Social Media Branding Document & Social Media Templates.

Stops you wasting your time by

  • ● Keeping all your colours and colour codes in the one document - no idea how to do this? I show you the FREE tool I use to gather this information.  

  • ● Access all the fonts you use in the same page - I have another FREE tool that helps you see what fonts your favourite websites use - I use this every week, it's worth its weight in gold.

    ● Have all your important websites, links and social media addresses in the one place meaning you never forget what link goes where again

    ● Put all your logo's on the same document meaning all you need to do is cut and paste them into a new document - this makes your life so much easier.

I have recorded a video showing you EXACTLY how to do the above steps, quickly easily and without any hassle.

Now, if I left it at that most people would struggle to take all that information and make use of it in their social media graphics.

I have added in 4 Canva Templates that you can quickly & easily add the details from the branding doc- meaning it saves you time, stress and effort

It will give you the confidence and skills to raise your graphics game on social media whether you design for yourself or you have clients you design for.

The LEAD MAGNET TEMPLATE Pack - value £95

Creating easy to read and well designed lead magnets is a challenge that every entrepreneur has to overcome.

If you choose to do this for yourself, you enter a nightmare world of fonts and layouts, and thats just for basic pages.

When you have completed them you need to design yourself a striking cover and make sure all the links and graphics are relevant to you and your brand.

Most people put this one thing off for months, as it is a real nightmare to design.

I have your back, in the Lead Magnet Template pack we have

✅ 3 Complete Lead Magnet Sets, ready to go, just cut and paste your text and graphics into them

✅ All the covers designed, just put in the lead magnet name

✅ Each lead magnet set has various page templates included - no matter what your layout I have tried to make sure I have you covered with each of the page templates

The insta stories template pack - value £9.95

Most people either use selfies or a really bad graphic and use the inbuilt 

graphics/stickers of instagram to tart them up.

It's a pain in the ass, so most people skip it.

I have created 4 Insta Templates to give you a kick start on this platform,

 if you are not using stories you are missing out on a huge audience.

✅ 4 seperate templates


Intoducing the Canva Templates Mega Pack - 180 Canva Templates, included free!

Say goodbye to being frustrated, angry & stressed trying to design your own social media graphics

Most people are so busy they post endless selfies or copy memes from google/social media instead of designing there own

You don't want your content and brand to look like crap.

You want it to look professional and get you more engagement and sales from social media.

You get 180 viral and unique Social Media graphics in 4 different sizes that you can customise with your brand fonts and colors in Canva quickly and easily with zero stress.

Easily and professionally create amazing graphics – stop spending hours making graphics that do you and your business no justice.  Spend less time creating, get more engagment and make more money.  Use this extra time to help grow your business or spend time with your family


Customize, download and post them with ease  edit the templates in Canva and use your own colours, fonts and logo’s.  Very easy to do, you can easily make these templates unique to you and your business. 


Share polished, unique and thumbstopping graphics – no more slaving for hours to create.  No more selfies of you or stolen images from google or memes from other peoples profiles.  You can now share original and unique images that connect, convert, and help sell your products or services.

All of the templates are emailed to you and open direct in your Canva account ready for you to create.



Social media presence is so important now!! But having images that stop people in their tracks is even more important.

The template pack works for me not just because the images are hard hitting and noticeable, its the time it saves me on having to build it myself!!

Now it takes me under a minute to change a few things and recycle the template for a new idea!

Adam D


 The video instructions are easy to follow for beginners so even if you don't have design experience, as long as you can follow Chris's instructions and know how to drag and drop, then you're pretty much ahead of the game.

 The templates are easy to customise and the videos to find other cool graphics was simple to follow also so you won't have to worry about running out of images to keep using the templates

The price is also a bargain for the level of teaching and instructions that you get with it.

Jono P


Just wanted to say Chris, that your template pack is an absolute no-brainer.

Works a charm and is easy to customise.

Saved me a ton of time (and dare I say it, money).

I had lots of people comment on how eye-catching the graphics were. 

Seriously folks, if you're on social media, you should be on this.

Trish M

How do I get the templates and training to make them work for me?

Once you have ordered I will add you to the CANVA TEMPLATES STARTER PACK section of my Design Academy.

Once there you get access to the accompanying videos and all the templates.

Plus if you get stuck, you can email me direct from the site for a solution - you didn't think I would abandon you when after you bought the templates did you?

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