Do You need to use images as part of your social media plan?

images as part of your social media plan?

Do You need to use images as part of your social media plan?

No, you are free to do what you want

I don’t do them for every post, only 99% of them.

I and my clients have noticed a jump in engagement when using images on their posts.

Especially now that the social feeds are so busy and fast moving.

You need to be able to stand out.

More than that, if you keep using the same style of images, people will start looking for them subconciously.

And when they see them, they are primed to engage - as that is the habit they have got into with those posts.

Good images are so important in todays social media.

When I don’t use an image and I want to quickly post something short and snappy, I use facebooks version of a meme.

You know the one I mean?

All the coloured backgrounds…

They started them out with just a few plain colours and everyone bitched about them.

Until they saw the engagement on their posts went up.

Then facebook rolled out more backgrounds and they are everywhere and everyone is using them.

So, if facebook has rolled out their version of memes, do you reckon that it might be a good idea to pay attention to this and accept that it isn’t a fad that’s likely to die soon?

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