Don’t make this one mistake in your images, and a 3 step process to sort this.

When people start designing their own images/advertising/posters/flyers they tend to do one thing.

Look to the giant corporations and copy them, which to be fair is a decent strategy.

After all, these huge corporations have spent millions and millions on branding/copywriting and on designers so it makes sense that their adverts/social media images are perfect and should be copied.

I disagree with this massively and it will fuck you in the ass if you do it this way.

Huge corporations are after brand recognition more than anything.

Look at any major supermarket.

Their adverts generally are the name of the supermarket and their logo front and centre, with all the relevant branding and colours with an offer of some sort as the focus of the advert.

Generally no call to action, no contact details.

Just the brand, offer and a price.

They want you to think ah Tesco’s – litre bottle of vodka £15 – cos they know when you pop in to get the vodka you will spend a fuck tonne more on other shit they have in the store.

Try and copy that and see where it gets you??

So there is a simple 3 step process, to help give you more clarity around designing for images and adverts…

1. First of all, people could not give 2 fucks what you are called or what your logo looks like, so don’t let the first thing they see be your company name or logo.

They want to know what you can do for them, so lead with a pain point as the headline, not your company name or logo.

2. Use the pain point to draw them in and the rest of the image/advert/poster/flyer to show a solution to that pain.

3. Then lastly, a call to action to tell them what to do next to solve that pain – this is crucial; as people are generally to lazy/distracted to work it out for themselves.

This should help you design images and adverts that are more likely to get you a response as you are leading with a pain point, showing a solution then telling them what to do to get help.