Frank Hayes, The Only Dead Man to Win a Horse Race

Weird facts have always intrigued me, as I am sure they have intrigued you as well.

I stumbled across the story of a jockey called Frank Hayes who on June 4th 1923 at Belmont Park, Long Island managed to win a horse race despite having died midway through the race.

“But when the horse crossed the finish line it became quite evident that Frank Hayes was more than just “relaxed”- the jockey dropped out of the saddle, lifeless.

It was later determined that Hayes had died of heart failure shortly after Sweet Kiss took the lead, and the New York Times speculated that the jockey’s heart had given out as a result of severe training in order to make weight, coupled with the excitement of winning his first race.

Hayes, dressed in his colorful racing silks, was buried three days later. In light of the incident, Belmont’s Jockey Club waived all of the rules and thus made Hayes’ win official. This ruling makes Frank Hayes the only jockey to win a race while deceased. In fact, it is the only time in sports history when a competition was won by a dead man.”

He was a 20-1 outsider and made history……….unfortunately for him.

This is very much like the content we produce for social media.

We create masterpieces that hit a home run for us and after 24 hours they slip of the news stream and die.

Yes we do get the occasional person going through our content and liking the older stuff


In the main after 24 hours it stops getting a good numbers of likes, comments and shares and effectively dies on social media.

This is why we should repurpose old content.

Breathe new life into your older content and resurect it onto your social feeds again.

That does not mean we post the same thing again like a zombie.

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