Good Enough Is The New Perfect

Good Enough is the new perfect came up in a conversation with a client

The never endless drive for perfection when designing images for social media.

You know what I mean here?

The constant tinkering that takes a 15 minute design into a 3 hour journey of self discovery………..

The problem with perfection is it can never be attained, it is always just out of reach.

There is always something else to tinker and move, a new font or colour to add

The other major thing here is, there are so many people talking, posting, sharing & commenting on social media that after a few days?

The majority of our posts are now on the shelf, never to be seen again, lost in social media purgatory.

Why spend that 20 mins, or hour or even days perfecting that image when it will be forgotten about fairly quickly?

Stop stressing and start producing, good enough is the new perfect.

Get it designed and get it posted, if its taking too much time and your endlessly tweaking?

Try one of 1 things

1. Kill that image and don’t go back to it.

2. Stop tinkering and use it as is

Cos it’s taking up far too much brain space.

The thing is all those people on social media are taking up your clients attention and you are very quickly forgotten about

Think I’m wrong and I am talking out my ass?

Don’t post for a week and see how many people notice and ask if you are ok?

And don’t get upset if only a handful of people ask, thats how quick you are forgotten about.

Good enough is the new perfect.

PS stare at the skulls for 30 secs its totes freaky!