Headline Creation – The Easy Way

Everyone struggles with content creation.

The easist way to create great content, for me, is to create great headlines to write to.

I have tried various methods of doing this over the years.

Here is my favourite full proof method for getting posts out your head and onto paper......

Here is what you need to do and we are focusing on headlines - as once you have a headline the text for the post flows from that.

  • Get somewhere quiet for 15 mins MINIMUM - 30 mins would be better
  • Get a piece of paper and start writing down headlines
  • write down every subject and sentence you can think of - good, bad & ugly
  • keep going there is no right or wrong it's just ideas

Forcing yourself to do this is a great exercise in pulling out headlines your would never otherwise think of.

Now remember its just ideas  - this means there is no pressure to get it right.

Just let the ideas and text flow out onto your paper.

Get over judging what you have written and just write.

Once you have done this - fuck off and have a 5 - 10 minute break!! (you defo earned it)

Come back and pick the best 5 headlines you have - if you have more than 5 then thats awesome.

This is the content for 5 posts - all you have to do is write the posts and create the images!!

Anytime I am stuck for content I go thru this process and tbh I can fill my content calender real quick doing this just once a week.

Some of the ideas I get are brilliant and it really helps to jolt the brain into producing killer content ideas!