How I Design Podcast Graphics

how I design podcast graphics

Designing a set of podcast graphics can look daunting at first

As with everything I do, a system is in place to make this easier on the brain

Which means less procrastination and more work,

We are gona look at a set I recently designed for @martialartswithjake

We were looking for something simple, bright and to the point (its gona get lost in the sea of podcast graphics otherwise - meaning less listers, fucks the point in that??)

First I designed up the main podcast graphic in photoshop, as I want loads of control in the layer blends for this.

This is the only thing I am thinking about here.

Nail the podcast graphic

Here is the finished graphic

Once this was approved I got to work on the youtube thumbnail, social graphic and insta/facebook story graphic

I exported the main elements from photoshop and designed these up in Canva.

I use the background, logo and text elements to build everything else

This means that Jake can quickly and easily get new podcast graphics with Canva, without having extra expense or hassle as each graphic just needs a few words changing.

These graphics are basically the same as each other, just in different sizes, so once you have designed one - you are just repurposing to a different size

Really pleased with how this turned out!

Wana listen to the podcast?

Details below, find it on @martialartswithjake

The Martial Arts With Jake Podcast

Episode #1 - Neil Adams MBE - Thursday 4th February - Available on all platforms

Interviews with the best martial artists and combat sports athletes from around the world.

Hear how they started off and how they reached the top - with everything in between

Good luck to Jake with the podcast, and if you want your podcast graphics designed email me at