How Social Media Half Life will help you kill your fear of designing

Understanding what social media half life is, is one of the most important ways to kill your fear of designing.

When I say the fear of designing, I really mean the fear of what other people will think of your designs.

And there are always people that are ready to shit all over the things you sweat blood and tears creating.

And it can be fucking hard to let go of the thought of those people shitting on your hard work, right?

In most cases it’s just a thought that never comes to reality.

So how does Social Media Half Life help you kill the fear of designing?

Social Media half life is the amount of time it takes for your posts to slide of the social media feeds.

After a certain amount of time you will notice that your posts stop getting new likes and comments.

This happens really quickly on facebook,  linkedin & Instagram – usually 24 hours – 48 hours at absolute max.

Yes you do get people who will circle back on the older stuff on your social channels,

But the main bulk of likes, comments and shares come in the first 24 hours.

Social Media runs so fast today that in around 24 hours your post has been replaced by 1000’s of new posts

That means your post is not getting eyeballs on it any more.

24 fucking hours.

So stop stressing about the image you want to post or something you want to say.

Let it rip and post it up

Worst case, you can always delete it if it’s not working the way you want.

in 24 hours it will be gone and have been replaced by something else.

It will be forgotten about.

I have seen so many social media “scandals” where someone has posted something that the majority don’t agree with and mostly within 24 hours the trolls and haters have got outraged at something else.

Seems quite silly to stress about posting something when it disappears that quickly.

Especially if you have been holding onto something and havent posted it for days or weeks.

Also tbh most people don’t have anything that outrageous to say anyway.

So get posting and if you get haters and trolls, the simplest way to deal with it is to

DELETE the comment and BLOCK that fucker out of your life.

It’s your social media feed and you get to moderate it in the way you want.

Don’t let the THOUGHT of what may or may not happen when you post on social media hold you bck from being who you are.

Social Media Half Life has your back and in 24 hours your post is lost and in social media purgatory, just waiting on you to repurpose it and bring it back to life.