How the Money Shot is Ruining your business by killing your outlook

How many people here are looking for the “money shot”

That one post, that one image that will get you all your enquiries, get you all the engagement and put you on the map

Everyone does it

You spend ages crafting the killer post, and the killer image.

You spend days making it perfect.

The FACT is, you need a volume of posts.

100’s of them.

One of the 100’s you put out will be the killer piece of content.

But you NEED to be constantly chrurning out content that is “good enough” to keep you front and centre.

Gary Vee anyone?

The man is a content machine, constantly putting out content that is just a variation of the 1000’s of pieces of content that he has already put out.

Dan Meredith does exactly the same, putting out a fuck load of content.

There isn’t one piece of content that makes him ALL the money and gets him ALL the engagement.

There might be content in there that resonates more with you than other pieces of content.

For sure there is.

But it is the volume of content that helps him make the connection with his audience.

Stop looking for killer content and start focusing on volume of content.

Because when you start thinking 1 post will make you and it doesn’t – thats when you stop posting content on your social media.

It’s volume over money shot posts that get you seen and keep you front and centre in your audiences mind