Images as Pattern Interrupts

What is a Pattern Interrupt?

"A pattern interrupt involves breaking an individual's routine, habitual thought or behavioral pattern so as to shake it up"

When you are flicking through facebook on autopilot while waiting on a friend, in the docs or on the throne.....

Have you ever been stopped by an image and read a story because of it???

Bet you have and you never realised it happened.

We want to break peoples pattern of scrolling thru Social Media on autopilot.

I like to use images for pattern interrupts.

The image does not have to be relevant to the post but has to be different enough to snap people out of the trance they are in when flicking thru social media.

It’s not a hard thing to do either.

Get a strange or striking image.

Put some text to it.

And post it.

This should help you get more likes and comments 

I am sure you will get random likes from people who like the pic and don’t read the post, which helps the visibility of your future posts.

Give it a go, it’s not hard, just be brave with the image you are using as a pattern interrupt.

Its got to stand out.

Or, toget me to make them for you click here

Or just keep posting the same tired selfies and graphics you got from google or someone else's timeline

It works, it's just not as effective at stopping your audience.