Mailerlite email training has a new module

I have added in a new training in my Mailerlite training course.

How to use Conditions in your Automation workflow - it's easy to set up and can allow you to send different emails to different people based on a condition you set

Mailerlite is the email software I use to keep my email list and broadcast to it

If you dont have email as part of your plan then mailerlite will get you up and running

Best of all Mailerlite is FREE

If you are currently using Mailchimp and got stung after they changed the pricing then this is the software you should be using

Would this be useful to some people here??

I could set this up as a standalone training for sale outwith the Design Academy

The course is a complete work thru of how to use mailerlite for email marketing and takes you thru from zero knowledge (you dont need tech/coding skills its all drag and drop) to getting set up with automations, building landing pages etc etc

The coursse has 5 sections

- Mailerlite tour and setting up groups
- Building Your Landing Page
- Building Your Automations
- Testing & Building Campaigns
- How to use Conditions in your Automation workflow

Get access to the training here