My Top 5 Fonts

Here we go – my Top 5 fonts – the ones I am using more than any at the moment are:-

1. Abadi MT Pro

– Loads of variations here condensed/light/regular/italic/bold/Extra bold

This one is a paid for font that I get thru my adobe subscription and it is one of the most versatile fonts I use.

I can usually get a variation of this to fit whatever I am doing.  The image to this post is made in this font

2. Impact

I love this font for 1 reason.

Its tall and thin while still maintaining a good chunky profile.

Because it’s so narrow I can fit more words per line and is super useful for this one reason.

3. Raleway

Again like Abadi MT Pro there are loads of variation in the thickness of this font from thin right thru to black.  It’s also quite a quirky little font.

4. Cooper Hewitt

Love this just for its ability to be big and chunky!  Its my go to font on Canva and I use this for my Crush It With Canva artwork too……

5. Digitalt

Like Cooper Hewitt its a big chunky font, but this one is more curvy and only available in capitals.  Infact, this is an extra chunky font and was a real favourite with me for a while.

Hope you loved my top 5 fonts and you have found a new font or 2 for your graphics here.

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