People living in the cracks of social media

Thas been transcribed from Episode 6 of the podcast Crush Your Social Media Using Images, which can be found here


I never invented the concept but invented the living in cracks phrase.

Now, who are they?

Everyone has them

People who read your stuff but neither like, comment or share on anything you do

So they are living in the cracks of your social media

You know (well you do now) that they are there but you never see them

That is until one of them buys your product

And you get into a conversation

And they tell you – 

“I’ve followed you for ages and I read all of your stuff

Its fucking great”

Then you notice a good number of the people who buy your stuff have never liked commented or shared on it – certainly not in any noticeable volume.

This is why people fail at content marketing over time.

They put up a pic of a cat dressed as a vampire and it gets a million likes comments and shares.

They then put up a piece of content that should have them nominated for all the awards in their industry

Fucking crickets, their mum didnt even like this one.

So they think that no one wants to hear their stuff, read their content and they give up.

But they forget about the people who live in the cracks of their social media.

The people who don’t like comment and share but who do read their stuff

So if your posts are out there and getting no love, don’t give up an don’t stop posting.

Most likely they are getting read and they are making an impact.

You just don’t get the vanity metric of a like, comment or share to validate what you are doing.

And thats all a like, comment or share is – a a vanity metric.

Keep producing content, keep writing, keep making videos – entertain and educate your audience.

They are there, even if they live in the cracks of your social media