10. Catch people when they are bored and surfing socials for something to do

Your audience are not on social media to get help, thats what google is for.  Find out why in this episode

9. Why we don’t rip off other peoples graphics on social media

Do you cut and paste images from other peoples social media?

Here are 2 good reasons not to.......

8. Perfection in your Social Media Images

We are not trying to recreate a vogue cover and you won’t get any bonus likes for fucking about for that extra 3 hours trying to make it perfect.

7. Why we need to make templates

The 3 main reasons I use template in my social media graphics.

And I aint telling you here, you will have to listen to the podcast to get those reasons.

But if you do, you will reap the benefits and enjoy designing higher quality graphics faster.

6. People Living In The Cracks of Your Social Media

Who are they?

Why are they Valuable?

How to find them?

Why they are useful?

Why you must keep going......

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5. 5 Ways To Repurpose Your Content Into Images

What is repurposing?

Why Do we repurpose content?

1 . Old Posts 
2. Podcast
3. Ebook/lead magnets
4. Blog
5. Testimonials

4. Use Big Chunky Text

In this episode, we look at

- The point of your social media images is to get attention
- people using text that’s really hard to read
- big Chunky blocky text is what you're after
- People are on social media not to read your posts
- You have got that half second to get their attention

3. Why you should Repurpose Old Content

In this episode we look at

- is repurposing being lazy?
- social media half-life 
- your old social media posts 
- how to use old social media posts to create new content 
- how it helps to keep up with the volume of social media posts you need

2. Fear - How it stops you designing images

In this episode we look at

- Thoughts and fears
- Social media half life
- posts stop being seen
- delete it
- images bombing
- no one analyzes your images
- be brave

1. whats the point of using Social Media Images?

In this podcast we look at -

- So many people on social media
- Social Media Turning people into Zombies
- Social media used to kill time
- Pattern Interrupts
- Do the opposite of your competitors
- 0.5 secs to flick past your stuff
- get them to read your post.