5 Step Lead Magnet Solution


Have you been sitting on your lead magnet/ebook for months and still have to get it designed??

This is for you.

You have the lead magnet/ebook more or less written but don’t have a clue where to start to design and its starting to stress you out.

You don’t want to pay a designer to do it and your tech/design skills are lacking.

I can help you to design your Lead Magnet/ebook in 5 Steps using Canva using my 5 Step Lead Magnet Solution

All the course videos will be delivered in the Design Academy so you can ask questions and get help when you need it.

Here is what we will do over the 5 Steps

Step 1 – Cover and Page Templates
Step 2 – Content Pages
Step 3 – Add In The Images
Step 4 – work with me and copyright pages
Step 5 – 3d Books, PDF’s and how I make them available to clients

This is the exact structure I follow when I design lead magnets and ebooks for my clients

I do it this way as its a logical flow and each step builds on the previous and doesn’t overload you.

The easiest way to do this is to go to your social media and use some existing content and cobble together a lead magnet from that.

This is an easy process, I don’t make it complicated.

I designed a 6000 word, 50 page Lead Magnet in around 3 hours using the methods I will teach you.


1. I will include a free training on my email supplier to set up an autoresponder etc plus show you how I use it to make free landing pages…an absolute must if you are using your lead magnet to collect emails

The has 4 sections

– Mailerlite tour and setting up groups
– Building Your Landing Page
– Building Your Automations
– Testing & Building Campaigns

The course is a complete work thru of how to use mailerlite for email marketing and takes you thru from zero knowledge (you dont need tech/coding skills its all drag and drop) to getting set up with automations, building landing pages etc etc

Value £95

2. I will also supply 3 complete Canva lead magnet templates that you can customise to your own needs.

All the design work has been done and each template is 100% editable

Each Lead Magnet template contains

​– Covers
– A selection of content pages
– Copyright pages


Value £95

3. A nice shiny fucking certificate saying you completed the course!

Value – Priceless

With the the guided training and templates I can’t make it any easier to design your lead magnet in 5 steps

You will have permanent access to both the videos and templates



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