How To Design Instagram Carousels


Instagram lets you post up to 10 photos or videos as 1 swipeable carousel.

They get amazing engagement and enable you to get across a mass of information or mini training in one post – which you can’t do with a standard post.

The How To Design Instagram Carousels using Canva (and make sure they get read) training takes you on the complete journey in how to design them quickly and easily.

The course contains an initial 2 trainings before we even start to design and these are crucial to make sure your carousel flows and gets read to the end.

How to structure Your Carousel – This is a downloadable graphic and video that shows you what slide goes where and why – its a full plan on hwat your carousel should look like

The trick to keeping our audiences attention
– This is my one trick for keeping your audience engaged on your graphics and makes sure they stay tuned and don’t zone out and stop reading.

Getting Your Sizes righ
t – There is no point designing anything until you have got the right size for Instagram. I show you 3 ways to do it.

Preparing Your Template
– How to quickly and easily set up your templates for your designs. Plus I have added in my one trick to make sure that you can’t alter this when you are designing later.

Getting Everything In The Right Order
– How to name everything so you make sure you know what goes where when you upload them later to Instagram

Then we move onto the design phase

Design the content Pages – Using the first 2 lessons to get your carousel designed and structured
How to Download your Carousel – How to name your pages and then download them so you know the right order for instagram
How to upload your carousel to Instagram – Does what it says in the tin and goes thru the steps needed to upload the full carousel so it displays in the right order.


I will add in 2 Canva templates of existing Instagram Carousels I have designed to help give you guys a jump start and get designing quick.

I have also added in a video training of how to use SVG files to really give your graphics a kick – It shows you how to use them and more importanty where to get them from



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