Testimonial Templates



Using testimonials in your business is massive.

It shows people just like them, who have overcome a problem they have.

They are priceless as

1. They speak to your audience in a language they understand – not marketing speak that we like to use……
2. They give people hope – that their problems can be overcome
3. They are not alone or “special” and what they want is achievable.
4. They help to position you as the EXPERT in your field

Collecting your testimonials and then displaying them to your audience (who need what you have) in a way that they can be read and easily digested is crucial.

Yes, you can use screenshots but

– they can be grainy and poor quality
– they can be hard to read
– they are easy to steal and modify

I prefer to show my audience the social proof they need using specific social media graphics that are great quality, easy to read and hard to steal.

My Canva Testimonial Template pack stops the biggest hurdle in doing this – finding the time in your day to commit to designing them up.

Finding the time to make these is a pain in the ass.

Most business owners don’t know how to set up there testimonials so they look good and can be easily read, so don’t do this important step.

It takes too much Time, too much stress and way too much effort….

Now you can shortcut this design process with 6 FREE Canva Testimonial Templates.

All you have to do is cut and paste or type in your testimonials.

All the design work has been done for you, saving you loads of time, effort and stress

I have included 3 different sizes of each image

– Landscape
– Square
– Insta/Facebook Stories

So your getting 18 graphics in total – to make sure you can use them on all your social media and your insta/facebook stories



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