Most people base what they do on social media around what was working in the past.

Tweak it ever so slightly and then push forward

There are so many course and strategies that are now out of date

And people base their social media strategy around these

Social Media Intelligence shows you what is working right now it’s not what was working earlier this year or last year.

You are not left alone to figure out things in the dark, or use old out of date strategies

You get a 30 day social media audit of 1 social media channel of your choice

Choose from your 

Facebook page
Facebook Personal Profile

I analyze all your social media posts for 30 days, look at all your graphics and content

I look to see opps/what you can improve on and where you are strong to double down on

This will give you valuable insight into what is working for you and where you need to tighten things up

You will get a full 30 day report – there is a 1 page summary for you TL:DR peeps too lol

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