It’s so frustrating trying to keep all your design details in one place, right? You keep having to flick between designs to remember what you did......

Not Any More Watch the video below to see how


If you are anything like me, you are always forgetting what font you should be using, what colour goes on what graphic and even what website and social media details you should be using.

You waste more time looking thru your old designs trying to figure out what you did last week/month than you do designing your graphics.  

Or even worse you don't bother and all your designs look completely different and confuse your customers

It's really frustrating........

It's even harder if you are juggling multiple clients as well as designing your own graphics too.

There is an easier way to do this, introducing the Social Media Branding Document & Social Media Templates.

It stops you wasting your time by

✅ Keeping all your colours and colour codes in the one document - no idea how to do this?  I show you the FREE tool I use to gather this information.

✅ Access all the fonts you use in the same page - I have another FREE tool that helps you see what fonts your favourite websites use - I use this every week, it's worth its weight in gold.

✅ Have all your important websites, links and social media addresses in the one place meaning you never forget what link goes where again

✅ Put all your logo's on the same document meaning all you need to do is cut and paste them into a new document - this makes your life so much easier.

✅ I have recorded a video showing you EXACTLY how to do the above steps, quickly easily and without any hassle.

This is done in ONE document using Canva- print it off and put it where you can see it -  it's so easy to do you will wonder why you have never done it before.

Now, if I left it at that most people would struggle to take all that information and make use of it in their social media graphics.

I have added in 4 Canva Templates that you can quickly & easily add the details from the branding doc-  meaning it saves you time, stress and effort

 PLUS keeps your images on brand, everytime.

✅ 4 Different Templates - 2 text based and 2 image/text based

✅ 3 Different Sizes - meaning you can use them on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and I have added in sizes so you can use your new templates on Instagram Stories too

✅ This means that you have 12 seperate templates ready to be posted on your social media.

✅ This will save you hours trying to design new graphics & means you can now quickly have a new graphic designed with your colours, fonts, logo's and web/social addresses

✅ I have recorded another video showing you EXACTLY how to do the above steps, quickly easily and without any hassle.

This will save you so much time, stress and effort by ensuring that you finally know what font, colour and logo goes where and that all your graphics are on brand.

It will give you the confidence and skills to raise your graphics game on social media whether you design for yourself or you have clients you design for.


I have added my Motivational Post Pack as a bonus

✅ These are 50 (yes 50!!!) complete and ready made motivational images in png format

✅ 2 Different Sizes - (so technically you are getting 100 images) meaning you can use them on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram

✅ These are already designed and are ready to post - you need to do nothing except download and post

✅ These are battle tested and I know they get great engagement (especially on Instagram)

This is without doubt one of the most VALUABLE and instantly USEABLE bonuses I have ever done, check some out below........and you get 50, in 2 different sizes.

What do my customers say about the template pack?

I purchased Chris's brand document to keep consistency and congruency in line with my brand and message. 

It makes the whole process of putting together my infographics and other social media content effortless, while looking professional and ultimately standing out in all the noise. Thanks Chris

Damian H

Anyone sitting on the fence about the Branding and Template package. Don't, it is fantastic and going to be a real time saver and worth the money

I do have ONE complaint though Chris McCluckie I was up to 4am playing with the templates etc

Derek T

Once you have ordered I will email over a link to the templates within 24 hours.

Be patient as each template pack has a custom link that needs generated and then cut and paste into the email - this is to ensure that ONLY you have access to your templates.

You will be emailed details of how to access the tutorial videos that are all hosted on my site and are password protected.

I do offer a full 100% guarantee in the unlikely event you are not satisfied with the Branding Document & Templates





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