Some Useful Ideas To Write Your Lead Magnet

what is a lead magnet


A lead market is an incentive that we use to get a potential customers email address or other contact information.

In order to be a good incentive lead magnets can take many forms such as ebooks, checklists, reports, videos etc etc.

The important thing is that they have value inside them (ie actionable content) and they are not full of out of date and unactionable content or fluff.

They need to help your customers overcome a problem now.

Once we have the potential customers email address it allows us to email them, which if done right is a much more personal way of connecting with your customers.

It allows us to bridge the know, like and trust factor and helps us have another avenue for sales, especially useful if all your sales activity is done on social media.

More on this is another post tho.

An easy way of putting together an effective lead magnet (and one that is easy to write and design) are to use titles like

- 7 Reasons that ___________ helps to ___________
- 10 ways to ___________ _______________
- 8 mistakes that ___________ _______________
- 6 Steps to ___________ _______________

You can see that with a lead magnet that has a title with a number in it ie 15 things that ___________ massively helps you the author to write the lead magnet.

You only have to concentrate on the 15 or 7 or however many things in the title

This allows you to push out useful information within a structure that stops you feeling overwhelmed and thinking the dreaded question

“What should I write about”

How many of you have thought that?

Try it, its much, much easier to create a lead magnet in this format than to think of a generic title and wonder how you are gonna fill it with useful and actionable information.

When you have written your lead magnet you should use my Complete Canva Lead Magnet Templates to quickly put it together

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