The 1 hour Canva Masterclass

Do you have something you wana get done in Canva and you don’t know how or where to start??

It’s pretty frustrating, right?

I have got something that will help you.

My 1 hour Canva Masterclass has been designed to help you get over these hurdles with a personalized 1-2-1 zoom call.

We jump on a zoom call and get the problem fixed giving you actionable steps how to get the project started

And more importantly how to get it finished with zero stress and no trial and error

What can you use this for?

Glad you asked, here are some examples

- how to design your ebook
- how to design Carousels 
- how to set up your templates
- how to set up your canva for speed
- how to design your podcast graphics
- how to design Social Media graphics
- how to design infographics
- how to design flyers, business cards and stationary
- how to design brochures, magazines and pdf’s

The list is endless

I can give you clarity and simple action steps to get you moving and keep you moving.

Meaning, you get the project done - fast and without fuckery lol

The cost for this is £95

Once you have ordered you will get an email asking you details of your problem/project and we book a day and time for the call


Book your spot here