The #1 quickest way to find Social Media content to post

The #1 quickest way to find Social Media content to post

How can I find content to create Social Media posts?

The best way to do this and the quickest way is to REPURPOSE what you have already written.

You can torture yourself to come up with witty quotes and funny one-liners then torture yourself how it should look.

We want the content for our Social Media posts to be easy, otherwise, we won’t take the time to make them, right?

So go to an old post you have written, it does not matter if it got great engagement or it bombed.

Just pick a post.

Read it over and pick some text, short sentences that you can expand on and write from.

Cut and paste it to another document and repeat till you have got 12 or so.

It might take 2 or 3 posts to do this but take the time to do it in BATCHES so you have a few to work with.


You now have the content for 12 Social Media posts.

Get writing and expand on the headlines you have got.

Whether you write 100 words or 1000 words doesn't matter.

It's the practice that makes you better.

A word of warning here, I used to take ages worrying about whether it was the right sentence, has it been spelt correctly, is it punctuated nicely.

Doing this will add so much more time and add needless stress to your day.

Just pick 12.

But baby steps first. Get some text……...

Good luck and get cracking, any questions???

If you are struggling to create content consistently I have a great way to create content that your audience needs and wants.

It's in
 The Design Academy, in a course called Crush It With Content.

Writing content is a huge, huge block for people as most people 

  • Don't know what to post about
  • Do know what to post about but don’t know how to design a thumbstopping graphic to go with it

This covers the 2 major problems most people have marketing themselves on social media.

I have a very specific process that allows me to quickly create content (plus have a bank of ideas) and then design images for this content - images that help you generate engagement.

Crush It With Content focuses on 3 key areas

  • How to come up with written content idea
  • The process I use to design images for my content
  • Content Repurposing - how to do this and why we do this.

Creating the right type of content is crucial for your business and this set of trainings will nail this for you.

And the best bit is they are simple to do and won’t take you all week to action……….

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