The 3 Main Reasons I Use Templates for EVERYTHING

I make templates for everything I do and for every client that I work for.

It helps me to produce large numbers of high quality images fast

And I dont think I would be able to keep my clients images as consistent as I do

There are 3 main reasons that I use templates

1. Speed of graphic creation

Lets look at this, you are sat in from of your laptop and you are gona create a minted graphic.

But you brain freezes and you have no fucking idea where to start.

This goes on for 15 minutes and you are no closer to starting, never mind finishing the image.

This happens 3 or 4 times and you start to think that you are shit at design and you give up altogether.

Lots and lots of people do this.

Now if you have a template created with 70% of the grunt work completed.

By that I mean all you have to do is add a caption and a nifty graphic.

All the mundane stuff is done, logo, website and a skeleton background.

You can blast out an image really, really quickly.

2. Creativity - making GRAPHICS easy to design

If you sit down infront of an image and have to start from scratch you have to answer a lot of questions before you get finished.

What colours, what fonts, what style, website, social media logo

Then you have to add in a headline and a graphic

Thats a lot of creative decisions to make every time you make an image.

And it takes much fucking longer to do as well.

But if you have only got to do a few things to finish every graphic you can design much faster, but the quality of the things that matter goes thru the roof - that would be the headline and the graphic to accompany it.

Templates give you a jump start as they are half done graphics

3. Consistency in my graphics without having to think

Keeping your graphics consistent is one of the keys to getting yourself noticed on social media.

Using the same fonts, colours whilst logos is not enough.

You need to have similar designs.

So you could have 3 templates for 3 different things.

If you are a fitpro you could have templates for training, nutrition and before/after pics

This means that your audience get to know what you design and they start to look out for it.

Which means, if you write useful shit, people will find it easier to find you and are much more likely to read when they do.

Thats 3 of the main reasons I use templates for my social media graphics.

You should too, make some templates and try not to put pressure on yourself if you do.

You will reap the benefits and enjoy designing higher quality graphics faster.

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