The battle for attention on social media

Social Media is an ever expanding world that I spend a good part of my life in.

It’s getting harder and harder to make my voice heard among the constant noise that social media now generates.

It’s got even worse with the Corona virus pushing traditionally offline businesses online

As they try to salvage some income by massively gearing up their social media.

We are being squeezed on all sides

As the algorithms get more sophisticated, new strategies are developed to try and beat them and more of my competitors now have their own patch of social media.

I feel that getting my message out to market is now harder because of the volume of people/posts on social media.

Never mind the pace the newsfeed runs at today.

Thats why I use images that I call thumb stoppers to catch people as they are flicking thru social media.

The idea is to get them to stop for the half second we need and have them focus on you and your content.

And not flick past you.

A well crafted image will not sell your products or tell your story.

It’s a signpost

Peacocking the fact you have something worthy to read.

Something that your audience needs and wants to hear.

You take people out of the autopilot they are on when flicking and you focus their attention onto your content.

That gives you the opportunity to sell our products, tell a story, drive home a point.

You are not producing adverts for a high end magazine.

So stop trying to get your designs slick and perfect – they do not need to be.

Also have some fun with them, lighten up and relax.

There is a strategy to this and it doesn’t require you to learn a playbook

For most people just changing ONE thing makes all the difference.

As chaotic as it may seem there are a number of steps to make your social media images quick, easy, repeatable and impactful.

Meaning more engagement and more cash in your bank

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