The Perfect Social Media Headshot

A great Social Media Headshot can massively help you

Do you want to get the perfect profile pic for linkedin/facebook/insta?

A good headshot will help you look more professional and allow you to project a positive brand image.

Instead of having a sloppy, poorly lit image with your tv in the background as your profile pic

Check this video out - it uses templates from my FREE Canva Social Media Sizes Template Pack.

It's super easy and FAST, plus gives you a great Social Media Headshot

Everything you need is in the video below

If you don't have canva pro yet use to cut yourself out the image

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This weeks free canva template is a checklist

Checklists are super useful to help your audience make sure
they have completed all the steps in given task

The are shareable and super helpful

Unfortunately they are a PITA to build

So I have built one for you AND have included a video
to show you exactly how to use it