Think how your audience uses social media

If you think of how your audience uses social media then you will see why am I always talking about thumbstopping, pattern interrupts and grabbing peoples attention.

Have a look around you when you are out and about.

Social media and our phones has become a subconcious habit.

Anytime we are doing nothing then we automatically go looking for that phone to fill in the time.

It’s so easy, we don’t have to think.

We can just pick up our phones and allow it to distract us from whatever reality we are trying to escape from.

In a queue waiting to pay? – PICK UP YOUR PHONE
Waiting on your coffee? – PICK UP YOUR PHONE
Drinking your coffee? – PICK UP YOUR PHONE
Walking down the street? – PICK UP  YOUR PHONE
Your friend is late? – PICK UP YOUR PHONE

And what happens?

We tune out, and allow the phone to entertain us.

This is what the vast majority of people are doing when they see you post on social media.

And if it doesn’t stand out, do you think they will make the effort to look at it?

Or will they keep flicking around until something grabs their attention and stops their thumb.

So if you look the same as everything else how are you meant to stand out?

You don’t and in all probability its one of the reasons that people don’t look at your posts – they can’t see them.

So if you think about how your audience uses social media then you can put together an image that looks different, that stands out from all the noise on social media and grabs your audience’s attention.

If you have their attention it will be a lot easier to educate, inform and sell to them.

And that is the point of marketing yourself on social media