Too many words are ruining your graphics

When you put too many words in your images, they look complicated and messy.

Stop doing this in your images FFS, you are hurting yourself by doing it.


When your audience see a graphic filled full of words they subconciously think that its too much work/effort to read and flick past it

Remember they're on Social Media to kill time as they are bored, it's a habit many people default into.

So remember this

No more than 25 words MAXIMUM on your images - short concise headlines to attract your audience and repel the rest

We are not creating adverts - this is not 1980! Thetext in the post will do the job of selling not the image.

The job of an image is to stop someones thumb from flicking past your post - peacocking to your audience that you have something worthy of reading

You can go to town in the text of the post, that is the place to do it.

Not in your image - so STOP doing it

If you want your graphics to work for you and not against you, have me do them for you here

My Graphics will

    ● Save you hours of time & effort
    ● Give your brand a boost
    ● Ensure that your images are consistent
    ● Get a tonne of engagement
    ● Make more sales

And you can use them for years to come