​This month in the Design Academy we are gona be focusing on content creation

It is  a huge, huge block ​as most people -

​1. Dont know what to post about and struggle for content ideas

​2. Do know what to post about but don’t know how to design a thumbstopping graphic to go with it.

This covers the 2 major problems most people have marketing themselves on social media.

I have a very specific process that allows me to quickly create content (plus have a bank of ideas) and then design images for this content - images that help you generate engagement.

Content month will focus on 3 areas

​1. How to come up with written content ideas.  ​A quick, proven system to come up with content that your audience wants to read

2. The process I use to design images for my content, ho​w to make thumbstopping images quickly and easily

​3. Content Repurposing - how to do this and why we do this. How to quickly make new content from old content

Each section will last a week and will have downloads and video training talking you thru the process I use for this.

I plan to go live in the group for the design academy to address any questions on this.

Creating the right type of content is crucial for your business and this set of trainings will nail this for you.

And the best bit is they are simple to do and won’t take you all week to action……….

Once you have the systems and processes to create content and then images for this content, marketing yourself on social media is easy!


To get you started quickly, I have included an Onboarding section that tells you how to find your way around all the features on the Design Academy.

You can find those videos HERE

Go there first before you do anything else.

If you have any problems or need extra help the first video shows you the easiest way to get it.

Have fun and Happy Designing!

Chris McCluckie