What Should I Post on Social Media?

Been talking to a few clients recently  - getting an overview of how they work social media.

What problems they are facing and how can I help them overcome it.

Bouncing ideas back and forth, that kind of thing.

I noticed a recurring theme -

"How do I post about my business without seeming spammy and going overboard with pitching?"

So I came up with a mini plan of the types of posts you could be sharing that talk about what you do without overtly pitching.

These can be either text or video based - don’t overthink it.

They will help bring some variety to your feed and stop you getting blind to only one type of post.

Something we are all guilty of


This is where you ask a question related to your industry with the goal to get comments.

For me, a good question to ask would be

“What is everyone using to create social media graphics”

It gets people talking and engaging with me and will help open up conversations where I can help and give value and solutions to their problems.

They are also great for gathering information about problems and pain points.


This is where we talk about an aspect of our business.  

What we do, how we helped etc

The important thing here is to share value with your audience and help them solve a pain point.

I find it easier to do this by breaking down my business into sections and coming up with topics on those

So if you are a fitpro - Nutrition, Training, Mindset, Cardio etc etc

These posts are there to position you as an expert - not to pitch your shit.


Unlike the above these are to pitch your shit. 

I don’t need to go into any depth here.

Just do this sparingly outwith launches - don't load your feed with buy my shit posts,


One of the things social media is great for is bridging the know, like and trust barrier.

If you talk business all day every day people will tune you the fuck out - quickly.

We need to let people into our world and show them what we do day today in our business and personal lives.

This helps our audience to get an insight into who we are and creates a more personal connection.


Your current customers will have golden nuggets of information you can share with your audience. 

This helps them see a problem they had and someone just like them who overcame it with your product/service.

Generally if you ask for a testimonial you get the standard blah, blah, blah shit

When I ask for testimonials I like to structure them with 3 questions

What were you struggling with before?

How did we help you overcome it?

How has that helped you in business?

Asking those 3 questions will get you to the meat of the problem and show the solution and its impact.

Which is a massively more powerful proposition for someone when they are reading it.

This isn’t the be all and end all of social media posts - it’s just something I cooked up after talking with a few of my clients.

This should help you with ideas and directions for content where you can talk about your business and what you do without coming across with a pitch all the time.