What’s the point of Social Media Graphics?

I thought we would have a look at the point of Social Media Images.

What’s really the point of doing social media images and putting in time and effort to get them right?

Well, there is just so much stuff on social media.

Just so many people selling and marketing their shit left, right and center.

It's really, really hard to get attention on it.

People on social media are mostly zombified.

They are sitting on the sitting on a toilet, sitting in a cafe waiting on their coffee coming, waiting on a bus or sitting in a pub waiting on a friend and they are just using facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter as a method to kill time.

They are looking to be entertained.

It is a pure habit - a dopamine hit - they flick on social media and just have a bosh about to see what they can find.

What we're looking to do is get them at this point.

99 percent of people, and you can catch yourself doing it, flick onto facebook and before you know it have spent five minutes looking at shit.

What we're trying to do is get people at this point while they are in that zombified state.

The term I use for it is a pattern interrupt and we use pattern interrupts to take their attention away from the sort of mind numbing unconscious Zombie mode they are in and put their attention on our social media posts.

Now a pattern interrupt doesn't have to be anything outrageous, doesn't have to have lots of swearing or sex or nudity or anything like that.

If you look at the images that your competitors are putting out, you probably find that most of them run on very, very similar formats.

They'll look very similar.

Most of the social media stuff that your competitors are doing will be copied, especially from the big boys in the industry.

Everybody's copying the sort of stuff these guys do. And because people are copying them, innovations are at a total minimum.

It ends up with a lot of very similar looking images.

And if everyone looking at similar looking images, it's very, very hard to stand out.

People will flick past your stuff real quick.

Incidentally, research is telling us it takes people about half a second to flick past your post on the phone.

That’s quite a sobering thought.

And if you don't get that attention in half a second then they are going to be gone and they'll be looking at something else.

If you can get pattern interrupt right, in that half a second you can take them straight out of Zombie mode, straight into conscious mode and get them thinking again.

The images are not used to sell.

We don't really need them to sell.

We are not using them to tell a massive story.

We don't want images with hundreds and hundreds of words on it, crammed full of stuff because again, it looks hard to read.

People will flick past it , you won't get any attention on it.

So the pattern interrupt is really just to get people from Zombie mode to conscious mode, to get them reading your post.

Once they are reading your post, thats the time to go to town and educate people, informing them of what you do and sell them your stuff.

But up until that point, you've got to get that attention.

I think images are the easiest way to do that.

So think pattern interrupt, have a look at your competitors and what are they doing - and do the opposite of that and you'll stand out.

You really will stand out if you do that, and that's what we're looking to do.

If you can do the opposite or stand out, however you want to do that, then people will start reading your posts and that’s what we are looking to do.

Use social media images as pattern interrupts.

Get People's attention, so you can then educate and inform them of what you do and sell them your stuff.

Speaking of sell them your stuff, have you had a chance to look at the Infographic Template pack?

Create thumbstopping pattern interrupts using these Infographic Templates in the link below