Why being Lazy Helps Productivity

Why being Lazy Helps Productivity

When I say lazy, I don’t mean sitting cross legged waiting for the universe to provide

I mean be lazy and use templates at the core of your social media graphics

There is nothing more soul destroying than staring at a blank screen and waiting for inspiration to strike.

Especially if you have 5 or 6 images to make and a whole host of things to deal in the guts of your business.

That seems like a whole load of hassle to me and, to be honest, when that happens I start making excuses and fuck off to find something more interesting and less mentally taxing.

Templates are a lifesaver as 50-60% of the image is prebuilt and just needs text and an interesting pic to make things happen.

You can knock out a lot of images really quickly with good quality templates.

It’s so important to designing social media images and forms the backbone of each client I design for

Do it, make this one of the first things you do.

Seriously, build the templates today

Cut your workload, make designing your images easier and buy me a pint next time you see me!

Or even better have a look at some of the premade Canva template pack’s I have.

Be even lazier to get even more work done, sounds good right?

Dip your toe into a new world with The Infographic Template Pack - 7 Thumbstopping Infographics across 2 sizes to help you make kick ass infographics FAST. 

Infographic Template Pack

See how much time being lazy can help you focus on other things with just the small set of templates in your back pocket.

Wanna go all in?

The Mega Pack is where it's at for you.

We have branding help, Infographics, social media templates, Insta stories and 3 complete Lead Magnet templates. Plus I am giving you a free course on Content Creation.

If you are struggling on social media for both images and what to write about the Mega Pack will help you to lift your social media game for the least amount of effort.

And thats a win