Why Your Images Suck #science

When designing images I make sure the image looks balanced.

People read from left to right, top to bottom.

People scan for things in a question mark type fashion


Left to right and top to bottom.

It’s why I design my images the way I do

Over the years I have noticed that some images do really well and some other bomb, badly.

I noticed patterns in engagement and adjusted my designs accordingly.

I never knew the scientific why, but I knew they worked.

Today I know why!!

It’s called Gestalt Theory, basically a group of German psychologists developed a series of theories on visual perception

The one I am interested in is (and I quote)

“06. Symmetry and order

Put simply, this principle says that a composition should not provide a sense of disorder or imbalance, as otherwise the viewer will waste time trying to locate the missing element, or fix the problem, rather than focusing on the message or instruction.”

This is why images that “don’t look right” or are not balanced tank.

Your readers brains look at the image and try to fix it instead of focussing on the message.

Make sure your graphics are balanced,text/images line up, nothing looks out of place and there is nothing jarring to the eye.

If you don’t your readers may spend more time trying to fix the imbalance rather than focusing on the message.


That’s why I design the images the way I do and it forms one of the fundamentals of what I teach in Crush It With Canva

Meaning you can shortcut the years of trials and get great performing images.

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