Write the important details down

Ever been to the local takeaway, its busy as fuck and there is a queue building behind the nugget trying to remember their order.

Everyone is mentally trying to kill the time waster gibbering at the head of the queue.

Bet they wished that they wrote it down and not trusted it to their memory???

The human brain remembers the most obscure facts and figures, especially when it doesn’t need to.

The most important details, especially when you have not used them for a few weeks can easily get lost amongst the useless trivia we all carry.

It's really easy to lose track of all the fonts/colours/logos that you use on your images.

Especially if you haven’t been designing daily and it's something you do only now and again.

Get a document (canva/word/whatever) and write down the colours you use (hex codes preferably) the fonts you use and add in any logos or regular images that get used.

It means that rather and find the last design you did and decode it in real time (which you won’t do as no one has the time for that shit) or having a guess.

You will know what you used and be able to find it., easily and without hassle.

This means that your designs will become more consistent and more recognisable to your soon to be clients.

And more importantly, they will become easier to design.

And if it becomes easier to do, you will do it more, instead of looking like all the other fucko’s cutting and pasting shite memes from a quick google image search.

This will help you stand out, instead of blending in with the social media noise…

My Canva Templates Starter Pack will help you do this with the Social Media Branding Document stops you wasting your time by

● Keeping all your colours and colour codes in the one document - no idea how to do this? I show you the FREE tool I use to gather this information.

● Access all the fonts you use in the same page - I have another FREE tool that helps you see what fonts your favourite websites use - I use this every week, it's worth its weight in gold.

● Have all your important websites, links and social media addresses in the one place meaning you never forget what link goes where again

● Put all your logo's on the same document meaning all you need to do is cut and paste them into a new document - this makes your life so much easier.

The Canva Template Starter Pack also has ALL the templates you need to market yourself on social media

You get over 20 Canva based templates that cover you for

Social Media Branding,
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